We Are All Pop Voxx


The purpose of Pop Voxx and its catchy dance-pop is to make people happy. Whether you want merely to listen to the songs. Or sing along to the karaoke versions. Or produce your own remix from the downloadable, individual tracking stems.

Please don’t worry about permission or payment. Do whatever takes your fancy. For sure, if you want to credit me, go ahead. If you want to donate something. I won’t say no. But if you have no more to give than your joy. Then that is enough. Because we are all Pop Voxx.

Oh. This is probably an excellent place to introduce me to you by saying my music has been described as 1980s-styled pop, bursting with clever turns of phrase, unflinching positivity, bubble gum hooks, and undeniable dance-pop beats.

And it has garnered favorable comparisons to Neon Indian, Grimes, Wham!, Katy Perry, ABBA, Bruno Mars, Chromeo, The Beatles, and The Bird And The Bee. Yes. All of them!