Geoff Gilson (plus some credits) - The Geoff Version - Pop Voxx Ringleader


The purpose of Pop Voxx and its infectious, playful dance-pop is to make people happy. Whether you want merely to listen to the songs. Or sing along to the karaoke versions. Or produce your own mix from the downloadable, individual tracking stems.

Please don’t worry about permission or payment. Do whatever takes your fancy. For sure, if you want to credit me, go ahead. If you want to donate something. I won’t say no. But if you have no more to give than your joy. Then that is enough. Because we are all Pop Voxx.

I describe myself as Ringleader of this unique, interactive, collaborative entity. Used to be a lawyer. Was an associate attorney at the national inquiry into Britain's race riots. Dabbled in some serious politics. Was one of the UK's youngest-ever municipal councilors. And once had tea with Margaret Thatcher.

Then I grew up. Discovered tattoo's. Became a social justice advocate in the US. Wrote a book about high-level political corruption in the UK and the US. And have been a recovering alcoholic the past twenty years.

I first realized my approach to popular entertainment was ... different. When I played Mordred, in a community theater production of 'Camelot,' way up in the wispy Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. I thought he should be angry. The director said, stick to camp. I made him a playful psychopath. The director fainted. The audience of rednecks loved it.

My encore was Uncle Max, in 'The Sound of Music,' as a gay, war-traumatized baby-sitter for Von Trapp's kids. All brightly-colored lederhosen and Tyrolean two-steps. This time the producer fainted. And the audience screamed for more.

Decided the time was ripe to share my music with the world. I worked assiduously to get the catchy tunes out of my head. Wrote lyrics that were simple and upbeat, rather than tortured and offensive. And set out on my journey to become the oldest-ever recipient of the 'New Artist of the Year' Grammy.

I'm now hyped to be releasing my first six-song EP, called 'Beguiling !!' I'm not going to save the world. I don't want to sing about my last break-up. And I don't believe that pop performance is about entertaining myself. It's about entertaining our audiences.

I want to give folks the opportunity, at least for three and a half minutes, to forget their worries, and have a good time. Listen. Laugh. Clap. Sing. Dance. Discover their own magic. And want to share some of it with others.

'Beguiling !!' specializes in 1980s-styled pop brimming with clever turns of phrases, bubble gum hooks, and undeniable dance-pop beats. I have garnered comparisons to Wham!, Katy Perry, ABBA, Bruno Mars, Chromeo, Ed Motta, and The Bird And The Bee.

I'm eager to continue my hi-energy, interactive live performance on larger stages. This time with the band. If you want to stand still and nod your head, that's fine. If you want more, I'll still be showcasing dance-steps and shouting instructions for the sing-a-long moments.

I'm energy and charisma. Pink and sparkle. A champagne bubble, in a sea of laughter. I push and prod, leaving no one behind. I don't want you to think. I want you to laugh. I try to put the melody back into music. The song into sequence. And the pop back into performance. Enjoy!

Geoff Gilson
Pop Voxx Ringleader


Right. Those well-deserved credits:

Words, music and arrangement by Pop Voxx

Produced by Geoff Gilson and Chris Wimberley
Additional production and sequencing by Adrianna Villa 
Engineers: Meghan Puryear, Geneva Walata
Assistant Engineers: Fiona Mathews, Adrianna Villa 
Recorded at Nightsound Studios 
Mixed by Chris Wimberley at Nightsound Studios, Carrboro NC 
Mastered by Dave Kampel at Magnetic West Recording

Drums: Rob DiMauro

Keyboard: Gabriel Reynolds

Bass: Dylan Alexzander Turner

Guitar: Hugh Swaso

Horns: Danny Grewen (arranger), Yahyah Corbett, Brannon Bari Sax Bollinger 

Lead vocals: Geoff Gilson

Backing vocals: Chris Wimberley

Further contributions: Nick Burkinshaw, Chris ‘Waldo’ Waldron, Dave Cooke, Duncan Wells, Chris Gilson, Liz Gilson.

And my wonderful twin sister, Maggi Gilson, who made all of this possible.